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Tear it Down

The same theme kept coming up over and over again last week, “If it’s not right, tear it down and build it again.”

We are so conditioned to pick a path and think that we have to stick to it. We are taught as children to pick what we're going to “be” when we grow up, go to school, make the commitment, do what you need to do to make it happen and stick with it! Sometimes, that works great, but a lot of times this is not how life works! Things change; you grow, life throws you a curve ball, things don’t work out or maybe they do!

The body has an incredible amount of wisdom. Our physical body usually tells us when we need to pivot, tear down, or back away all together. The telltale signs are a shallow breath, a knotted stomach, or tense muscles. We are trained to disregard these physical reactions and contribute them to nerves or excitement, but if you really tune in, sometimes it's that deep inner voice, your intuition.

Through the practice of yoga you begin to recognize the difference between excitement and intuition. This happens by taking the time to study the body and the breath and the reactions that we have to the movements that we do on the mat.

Tomorrow, Monday April 8th we’ll have a solar eclipse. This is when the moon is aligned perfectly in front of the sun to temporarily block the suns light from our view. I like to think of a solar eclipse as a perfect opportunity to pause and reflect on where your energy is going. The very nature of the event is a great time to pivot, tear down, and prepare for a rebuild!

Our sequence this week reflects this beautiful opportunity to move and pivot.  We’ll be moving a lot of energy and balancing the dark and the light so we can be sure our energy is moving in the direction that is best for ourselves and for the collective!

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Good lessons to be learned!!

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