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When Time Disappears

I sat with my two best friends for over 30 years, drinking wine, and looking at her collection of old pictures. Amidst her pictures was my life. My grandmother, my aunts, my sister, the birth of my son. There were pictures of my life that I had never seen. It felt like I was looking at my life from an outside perspective. I saw myself differently in this moment. I saw my innocence, my self consciousness, my vulnerability, my joy, and my struggles all laid out in front of me on a kitchen table. We laughed, we cried! We acknowledged the fact that everyone tells you it will go so fast, but you don’t believe them and then it does.

We realized that we all had a marker, a pivot point, a defining moment that life seemed to change forever. The moment when life hurts you, when the innocence is gone. The pictures went from being young and feeling like the whole world is yours; to knowing that there is a path and a plan and lessons to be learned and difficulties to overcome.

We have always shown up for each other when it counts. We don’t have a friendship where we check in regularly. Sometimes months disappear, but when it matters the most the mountains move, the time disappears, and we land together just as we were 30 years ago gathered together next to a creek talking about this wild journey called life.

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Just beautiful, and so true. Time is taken for granted, it's so precious.

Me gusta
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It truly is the most precious gift! Thank you for reading!

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