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What will you REMEMBER?

Updated: Apr 5, 2022

I’ve always loved to write! It’s therapeutic for me. I have journals, upon journals, upon journals, of every stage of my life! Whoa! It's wild to read back on something you wrote 25 years ago! If only my current self could tell my past self some things! Despite being an avid writer, I never thought of myself as writer! Then during the pandemic, I started writing blogs and email campaigns for my yoga business. Not only did people read them, but they responded saying "wow great writing!" I thought, really? Where did this come from? But then as I reflected, I remembered long, long, long ago I dreamed of being a writer, probably around the age of 8 or 9. I created stories that mostly took place in nature and had animals as the main characters. I was really into the illustrations and thought one day I will create the most beautiful children’s book.

This little childhood dream must have gotten lost in the throes of growing up! I heard “artists and writers don’t make money until they're dead!" So, I moved on to a more practical dream of being a schoolteacher! Which ended up being very impractical as well! It’s amazing how easy it is to stomp a child’s dream and most of the time the stomper has no idea that they have barreled over someone’s divinity. I think the pandemic gave me the time to align back with my divinity, my purpose. I woke up each day excited to teach yoga and share my inspirations and the magic that I could see in my everyday life because of yoga. I wanted to share the MAGIC.

SO, I began to write, and people read it which was the biggest surprise! The time during the pandemic gave me the time and the space to REMEMBER, to align, to BE that person that I had dreamt of as a little girl. So, I’m going to keep writing and maybe I’ll create that children’s book with those beautiful illustrations one day! Until then, thanks for reading and may yoga inspire your life!

What have you forgotten about your childhood dreams? What magic do you need to align with, so your childhood self says, "wow you made it!" Come to your mat beautiful beings and let’s tap into to that inner child and REMEMBER!

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