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It’s easy to let fear, doubt, and worry creep in when your going after what you want in life. Taking a leap of faith takes courage and strength. I took a big leap and just as its suppose to; fear, worry, and doubt made their appearance. But, then I went back to my WHY! The WHY is often something you have to come back to you in order to keep yourself on track. You must ask yourself the question. Why are you doing this? It's the same with starting any new endeavor whether it be a new exercise routine, a new way of eating, a new relationship etc.... Our WHY becomes our road map for our decisions. So I went back to my why! I remembered why this is so important for me. I am a teacher. I am here to share my knowledge about yoga and the deep seated practice that changed my life and has the ability to change others lives. I truly believe in this practice. Our why gives us the courage to keep practicing and stay on track, even when the going gets tough. With love and Light ~ Jess 🧡

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I have to do this regularly. It's easy to lose perspective as time passes.

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