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Tales of a Waitress Yogi

Updated: May 13, 2020

I knew yoga had some serious power when it started trickling into my profession..... waitress. I’ve been a waitress for 25 years. Yep 25. I’ve taught fourth grade and waitressed at the same time, I’ve taught yoga and waitressed at the same time, gone to school and waitressed at the same time. Whatever I do I waitress at the same time. So why do I do it you ask? Well I’ve gotten pretty good at it over the years and your work days go by super fast because it’s fast pace and high intensity. Once you get used to that there is a part of you that thrives off of it. I love the feeling of getting a bunch of tables at once and multitasking until they are all cared for. Then there’s this little piece called human connection. Eating a meal is one of the most basic and beautiful things on the planet, it can change peoples days, make them do the happy food dance and fulfill them in the most loving way. The eye contact that I make each day with each guest fuels me and makes my soul smile. Serving people brings out the goddess in me, I get to shine my smile, I get to LOVE people. It only takes a moment to make a difference. Snooze, that’s their motto, the company I currently work for. They have amazing food and your time there is not just a meal it’s an experience. They have helped to mold me into the waitress I am today along with the three other restaurants I have worked for....yes only four restaurants in 25 years! I like to stick around! Each of them have had such a profound effect on who I am today. Before I practiced yoga I was a server getting by and paying the bills after yoga I became a server of the divine, tapped into human connection and in service of the most basic and soul nourishing thing we have.....FOOD.

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Cindy King
Cindy King
May 16, 2019

Love this!!

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