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Grand Messes

I love to create grand messes! I love to cook, bake, make random crafts, create art, make jewelry, ALL kinds of messes. My creative spurts are messy and can be hard to live with! Sometimes I need to leave my grand mess hanging around to manifest how it is finished. Sometimes I leave my grand mess around and it causes me lots of anguish and despair because I don’t want to clean it up. It seems like a mountain that only grows by the minute, only to find out in the long run it took half an hour to clean up! Cleaning has always been a challenge for me. I remember as a child BIG DRAMA over getting me to clean my room. My poor mother eventually wrote in my baby book …. 18 years old…. Still trying!

A particular problem area for me is the kitchen! I love to cook and oh my can I bake a yummy cake! And when I do create that masterpiece, I'm filled with creative tickles and tiny squeals of delight, all to be followed by the giant let down of clean up time!

Bum, bum, bum……

So, what does all this nonsense have to do with yoga? Because over time I have learned a little secret…. when you practice yoga on a regular basis those parts of your life that are bum, bum, bum become a little easier to tackle. Yoga gives you the tools you need! You can create peace within the body and the mind with the breath!

Maybe you turn doing your dishes into a meditative moment, being present with the warmth, seeing the beautiful suds of soap and water creating tiny rainbow bubbles. Maybe, just maybe you take the time while doing the dishes to be thankful that you have a home, and warm water, and soap; and that you have the time and the ability to create grand messes! Now don’t get me wrong! Just like yoga this is PRACTICE! This doesn’t mean that I don’t sometimes have to peel my disgruntled, pouting self off the couch to do my dishes; but I am sure glad that at this point in my life I can sometimes find some peace in the aftermath of my grand messes!

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