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This past week I had the chance to visit my 98-year-old Great Aunty Anna! As I sat in her house, I had a moment where it seemed as if time stood still. Just for a moment I felt like I was a young girl again. Everything around me was exactly the same. The smells were the same, the lighting was the same, the pictures on the wall were the same, the clocked chimed just as it did 40 years ago.

There were differences though. The women around me had aged and the house appeared much smaller to me. The sounds were different. You no longer heard children running around or the clamoring of dishes in the kitchen. It was quieter now. Only the soft murmur of my Aunt's voices gathered around My Great Aunty Anna's table.

It’s amazing how life circles and cycles. There are so many circles in our lives. We are born, we age, we get older, then we go back to where we came from. The seasons come and they go. The people around us come and go. Things stay the same and they change all at the time!

The thought of getting to the end of a cycle can be such a scary realization, but if you stop and take a moment to really breath, be present, and see it for what it’s worth, there is so much beauty in the endings AND the beginnings.

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