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Be easy now........

Sometimes you just have to keep moving in the direction that you want to go. This has been my theme lately. That, along with gentleness. This time of year, you hear so many people talk about quitting their New Year's resolution. It’s like January isn’t hard enough! We are already dealing with short days, colder weather, and a plunge back into the rush, rush of work life after a holiday break!

A few weeks ago, one of my dearest soul sisters was talking about her newest endeavor. She was saying how proud she was of herself because she followed through with the program. She said to me “let’s be real Jess I’m a perpetual quitter!” Her words hit my gut! It hurt me that she felt this way towards herself because in my eyes all those things that she “quit” were just not aligned with her shining light. All those things were just pieces of her journey. She had to gather those things to step into her purpose with the armor and the love that she needs in order to do what she is supposed to do. Whatever that may be! I have no doubt that this dear friend of mine will find her exact purpose. So if you have already “quit” your grand plan for the first of the year be easy on yourselves beautiful friends. Nature doesn’t hit the new year and bloom. There are still days of nurturing and tending ahead.

In March when nature starts to support our growth with light and water, we will gear up our practices and have some challenges and goal setting! In the meantime, get to your yoga mat, breath, love yourself more and be gentle. For you are a living being that requires love and nurturing ❤️

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