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The Step

They say the first step is always the hardest one and I’d have to agree, but there are some other steps worth mentioning too. The step that seems just a little off measurement, the one that is just a smidge higher or a smidge crooked. It catches you by surprise! Makes you wonder if it was all in your mind or if it actually is how it feels or appears to be.

Most new endeavors have this step. It usually comes once you’ve gained a bit of momentum. Suddenly you find yourself questioning the path you chose. But it’s all for a reason, just like it always is.

Once I started to do yoga it felt like NOTHING could derail me from staying on this amazing yogic path, but it happened. I moved away from my beloved studio, the place I had grown so attached to, the place that had lifted me up and helped me find my feet. I was addicted to the smell, the heat, and the whole vibe! I thought it would be easy to find the feeling on my own but it wasn’t. It felt off measurement and a bit crooked.

So I searched and searched for a place that would feel like it was “supposed” to, but never found it. I compared every place to my beloved studio and eventually settled on practicing at home. It was hard to find my rhythm at first. I was distracted and anxious at home. But eventually, I made up my mind that it was going to work! I created the space that I needed, I lit my candles, got my props, and got to work.

Sometimes, when you hit that step that derails you, you just have to MAKE UP YOUR MIND. Do what you need to do to keep climbing the steps! Now, my home practice is my sanctuary, my deep exhale, it's the time that I take to be devoted to myself. I’m sure I’ll get to another off measured step because that is how life is, but for now I’ll just keep climbing the steps right where I am!

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